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Harbin city public security organs to carry out fire control safety one hundred rectification action

Date: 2015-11-23

Reporter from yesterday held the city's public security organs to carry out fire control safety rectification action video conference one hundred days, according to the city police will use 100 days time to solve those outstanding problems that affect the fire safety, resolutely combat the illegal behaviour of obstruction of fire safety, prevent and curb major workplace fire accidents.Vice mayor Ren Ruichen to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.
Conference pointed out that the centralized control to ensure effective enforcement, hit the effective, in accordance with the "full coverage, zero tolerance, the strict law enforcement, pragmatic" the general requirements of, leave no dead Angle, no blind area, ensure that fire hazard regulation in place.Meeting requirements, the whole city to layer upon layer carries out the responsibility, to a person, point, proportional amount, package implementation of "armed a pack of" responsibility system, problems will be held accountable step by step.Have learned, at present the city police to trawl all fire hazard, and the fire hazard of the February clampdown, namely, within the prescribed time limit, overhaul, overhaul standard strictly, each item must be signed by the partners and supervisors at the same time, XiaoHao for the record."Armed a pack of" responsibility system, fire fight safety work for the city's regional grid management, set up 3 sets of forms, namely the liability forms, screening form and corrective to carry out the form, to realize all work is recorded.There is a problem, shall be investigated for the responsibility of the relevant responsible persons will be serious.