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Marina chau bridge in one hundred will become landscape footbridge

Date: 2015-11-23

Reporters learned from bureau of China railway 22 ha built the company that the company is responsible for the construction of the marina state railway bridge (that is, the "old river's bridge") maintenance renovation project will start the preparatory work, in the near future project is expected to be completed at the end of August of next year.At that time, "old river's bridge" will become a landscape pedestrian bridge.As the city historical relics protection construction, the "high level" appearance of the landscape pedestrian bridge to citizens and tourists will show its unique charm.
"Old river's bridge" completed in August 1901, the total length of 1027.2 meters, has been 114 years of history.Last winter, as it 53 meters haaqi's high-speed songhua river extra-large bridge, the old river's bridge has successfully completed the transport mission, as a historical landscape.Therefore, railway and other relevant departments decided to old river's bridge site theme park to the construction of Harbin railway museum.
After transforming the old river's bridge main full width 9.1 meters, the sidewalk 4.9 meters, 2.4 meters bike lanes.After transforming bridge deck in addition to covered with a layer of plastic board, will also be laid 5 cm thick rubber sheet, in order to improve the tourists on foot comfort.According to introducing, after transforming the old river's bridge every 45 m is set 1 small lotus pond seat;Set a place for people in every 26 meters large lotus pond seats.Choose anticorrosive wood chair face these seats, seat facade are made of stainless steel spray paint, decorative facade with reference to the bridge girder design, also USES a raised metal decorative sheet and nail decoration, combined with the bridge.
As an important part of Harbin railway museum theme park, after renovation of old river's bridge bridge will set several historical exhibition area, for citizens and tourists to understand the history of the marina state railway bridge.In addition, the west side of the bridge is built three observation platform as walking space.Visitors can overlooking the songhua river and coastal scenery here.On the railway bridge and toughened glass bridge two pieces.Through the glass, visitors can see directly even songhua river railway bridge steel structure.