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Fusion online marketing to promote "travel + Internet"

Date: 2015-11-23

Yesterday, the city tourism bureau for domestic online travel companies, portal website offline.Conference, ice and snow world, the sun island, the volga manor and so on more than 150 scenic spots, tourism enterprises, star hotel and tourism industry departments around the "travel + Internet" discussions with Internet enterprises.
Ctrip, tencent, donkey mother, honeycomb, way of cattle, day with cheng, where to go, Internet companies such as xinhua net, sina, introduces the characteristics, channel advantages, operation mode, etc., will be for the zhuhai tourism enterprise during the period of ice and snow to build new product marketing platform, promote the winter tourism products online sales.
During the meeting, the city major tourist enterprise for citizens and tourists launch a series of preferential promotional activities.Promotional activities include online special supply or rob tickets, offline to citizens and tourists to issue tickets, etc.Zhuhai tourism enterprises also provides the seminar with Harbin features arts and crafts, attractions tickets, accommodation and other related consumption coupons or coupon.
City tourism bureau will be unified, packaging of various tourism enterprises preferential promotion measures, through newspapers, radio, television, tourism county tour and other traditional channels and the Internet, new media channels such as weibo, WeChat propaganda of all, fully open zhuhai winter tourism marketing work.
Since this year, the municipal tourism administration innovation to promote "travel + Internet" plan, promote "online" interactive marketing, integration marketing, precision marketing, speed up the "traditional marketing" to "intelligent marketing" transformation, promote the city tourism economy accelerated the implementation.The enterprise Internet seminar is the zhuhai tourism industry to promote awareness of the Internet, actively carry out the national and provincial, city of "Internet + tourism" strategy, marketing innovation, promote the city winter punters on offline effective exploration of integrated marketing.