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Tourism industry and the city still needs to maintain normal

Date: 2015-11-23

The municipal government, city of unfairness in the tourism industry in the city civilization tourism specific inspection, hong xiang hotel, Harbin city youth international travel agency did not press the normalized work request to deploy the city named.
Specific inspection table includes public service ads, civilization, civilization tourism, transportation, civilization window service and environment regulation.The specific inspection sampling inspection for some travel agencies in the city, star hotels and tourist areas, the content including enterprise LiangZheng the good faith management, public service ads set use, civilized tourism education and volunteer service activities, etc.In selectiving examination of more than 50 points, most of the industry enterprises can according to the new standard for creating civilized city assessment system and combining with the characteristics of the industry deployed and the city work, good tourism environment of civilization tourism, the good faith management has become the new normal industry.
Spot checks found in part from corporate volunteering site revocation, civilization lead did not set up according to the requirement;Customer service complaints mechanism is not sound;Before education line, line guide, after summarized the didn't;Public service ads to replace damaged not in time, LED electronic display public service ads broadcast time is not up to standard, and so on and so forth.City government, will be found on the steering problem, in the form of inspection report, urge the relevant departments supervise and urge the rectification.