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Harbin women's children's fund Raise three million poverty relief

Date: 2015-11-23

A few days ago, "care for women and children charity with you" Harbin women's children's fund, start collecting money and publicly for the first time meeting conference care help solitary trapped children and poor women six public welfare programs, on the day of raising money 3 million.
It is understood that Harbin on January 5, 2015 women and children foundation by heilongjiang province department of examination and approval (black base the word no. 77) was formally established, belong to our province's first city-level public offering foundation, specially for the poor women and children.Foundation to care for children and women's physical and mental health, difficult helping women and children, improve the environment for women's and children's development, promote the career development of women and children, booster for the purpose of social harmony and progress.Foundation has been established, from the enterprises, organizations and other kinds of love, love the people eager to join the spontaneous publicity for the foundation, mobilization and fundraising.Foundation for solitary trapped flow (stay) children every day a cup of milk, rural poor women's health assistance, "with a" poor sanitation worker assistance, quality awards help spring buds interpreta dream, "skills" poor women skills training, fact orphans to charitable relief and so on six relief aid for the program.(the author: Ma Zhibo)